Your UNICEED number is not just capable of receiving voicemails it can also receive faxes. You do not even need to own a fax machine, plus UNICEED gives you more options for your faxes than you would get with a traditional fax machine.

Fax to Email
Fax to Web
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:: Fax to Email ::

Every UNICEED number has a fax service. Faxes are delivered direct to your existing email inbox. No prying eyes, no more paper, no more fax toner.

The days of needing a fax machine are long gone. UNICEED gives you an easy way to receive faxes. They appear in your email inbox just like an ordinary email message with an attachment, but unlike a traditional fax machine, you also have the option of forwarding your fax message to another email address.

- No more busy signals to worry about when people send you a fax

- Save money - no need for a fax machine, no maintenance costs

- Store faxes just like you store emails

- Receive notification of new fax messages via text or another email   address

  sending a fax to a UNICEED number
 Notified of your message via either email, text or fax..
  Log into UNICEED web inbox / own email to collect fax message
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:: Fax to Web ::

You can collect your faxes over any device with a web browser. For example: your PC, digital TV, hotel device, airline seatback or a kiosk.

If you do not have access to your own computer or you're not near a fax machine you can have your faxes sent to your UNICEED web inbox. That will give you the option to collect your faxes through any web-enabled device. Our web inbox functions just like other web-based email systems, but you have the added benefit of receiving your fax messages there too.

Simply go to the UNICEED web inbox and key in your username and password. Fax messages will be easy to identify because a unique fax icon will be displayed next to the message and the subject heading will read, "fax". You can reply directly back to the sender's fax number or forward it to another fax number or email address. When replying to the sender, you can type in a new message or attach an existing document.

  Fax Attachment
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:: Send Fax from Web ::

As well as receiving faxes on the web you can also send faxes from the web. You can either send text direct or upload Microsoft Word, Excel or TIF files.

Our fax facility would not be complete without the ability to also send faxes. There's no need for a fax machine, you have the ease of sending faxes directly from your computer. Composing a fax is just as easy as composing an email, simply type in your fax message or attach an existing document (add file formats). You're able to send faxes from anywhere in the world to anywhere in world in a cost-effective way.

 Send message to fax from web mail
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