Notifications via SMS enables you to stay in touch with your incoming voicemails and faxes. You decide when and how you wish to retrieve those messages.

:: Caller Identification
:: Notifications via SMS
:: Notifications via Email

:: Caller Identification ::

UNICEED.COM notifies you via SMS when a new message arrives. The notification message will give you the name of the person who left you the message (if he is under your contact list). Otherwise, the notification gives you the caller's number and tells you what type of message you've received.

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:: Notification via SMS ::

Being notified via your mobile phone is the best solution for those times when you're on the go. When you receive a message, a simple text will be sent to you informing you of what type of message you've received and whom the message is from. It's a convenient way to keep track of your incoming messages.


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:: Notification via Email ::

If there's one email account that you use the majority of the time (i.e. your work email) you could still keep track of your UNICEED.COM messages by having your notifications go to that email address. That way you only have to go into your UNICEED.COM account when you know you have messages waiting for you.

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