UNICEED phone numbers are great for you voice and fax messaging needs, but they also do a whole lot more. Your UNICEED number can forward calls, find you and you can even call it to "download" your faxes.

Business / Personal Phone Number
Follow Me
:: Find Me
Fax Forwarding
:: Live Operator

:: Business / Personal Phone Number ::

UNICEED gives you your own personal phone number. You can receive and collect your messages with it and also divert it with the follow me or find me services. You can choose a number from a choice of cities around the world.

UNICEED allocates you your own private phone number. This is yours to use for as long as you keep your UNICEED account. You can choose a phone number in your choice of cities around the world. It does not have to be where you live.

For example if you have children at college and you want to have them contact you on a number local to them, then just get a UNICEED number in the college city.

With our Premium and Business accounts you can also get phone numbers in the cities closest to your customers, or have a global worldwide virtual presence.

If you want to choose a free phone or cherished number then we are also able to help. For some of the UNICEED free services you are allocated a shared phone number and extension.

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:: Follow Me ::

UNICEED is not a static system. It allows you to make changes to suit your needs. You may wish to forward your UNICEED number to another number so that you can answer the call.

Although UNICEED is useful as an effective messaging tool, there are times when it is necessary for you to be able to answer your calls. Follow Me is a unique service that forwards your calls to your current location.

Activating Follow Me is easy, simply call your UNICEED number and press "2" in the Follow Me menu. You can change your destination number whenever you wish according to your needs.

 From any phone, call your UNICEED number,
   from the option menu press 4, then press 2 to activate
 Follow Me


  UNICEED will transfer your incoming calls to your
    selected phone number
  Your callers will then be connected to you at your current location
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:: Find Me::

You can have our system call several numbers until you are able to answer your call. You'll never miss an important call again.

Sometimes a hectic schedule means that you're constantly moving from one location to another. This results in missed calls from friends, colleagues or clients as they are trying you on one number when you're only available at another.

Find Me is an ideal solution to this problem ensuring you'll never miss another important call. You specify which numbers you'd like our system to phone and in what order. Once you pick up the call our system will tell you who's calling, giving you the option to accept or reject the call. If you choose not to take the call, our system will then take a message so that you can reply when it's convenient for you.

Regardless of your location you have control of when and where you answer your calls.

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:: Fax Forwarding ::

When you dial into your UNICEED account, the system will tell you if you have received any faxes. If you need to see your fax messages urgently, you can
forward / "download" them to the nearest fax machine.

Having the ability to forward your fax messages means you no longer have to wait by a fax machine for that important message. You can set your UNICEED account to alert you when you have received a fax, then you can dial into your account from any phone and forward your fax to the fax machine of your choice.

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:: Live Operator ::

UNICEED can give you your company a large appearance without the cost of extra staff. You can have your UNICEED number answered by a live operator in your company name.

The Live Operator service enables you to have a professionally trained and efficient receptionist answer your calls. When a call is received on your line your company details will pop up on the screen for the receptionist for the duration of the call. Once a message has been taken, you can receive it via email, fax, the UNICEED inbox or SMS.

This service can also act as a key component in your company's disaster recovery strategy. UNICEED accounts can be purchased on retainer and invoked should the worst happen. We can work with you to integrate your company message systems with UNICEED, if disaster strikes all incoming messages can be routed to UNICEED. Staff can then access them from home, on the road or anywhere.

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