Every UNICEED phone number not only enables you to listen to your voicemails in the traditional way, but it also comes packed with a variety of other collection methods and features. Plus you have the added benefit of forwarding your UNICEED number to any other number of your choice.

Voice to Email
Traditional Voicemail
:: Voicemail to Web
IVR Auto Attendant

:: Voice to Email ::

As well as collecting your voicemail over the phone you can also collect your voicemail in any other email account. Voicemail will be sent as an attachment to the email, which can then be played via your PC, PDA or other email device.

Email is one of the main sources of communication today so why not also have your voicemail go to your email account. You can receive voicemails without the need for a phone. It is not complicated to use, as your voicemail will appear in your inbox in the same way as an email message with an attachment. Simply open the attachment and listen to your message. You can save your voicemail on your PC for future use and you can even forward it to someone else's email address.

 Open E-mail and voicemail playing in media player
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:: Traditional Voicemail ::

The voicemail service on your UNICEED number operates in the same way as other traditional voicemail systems. But our system comes with advanced features such as crystal digital quality sound of all your messages and notification via email, fax or SMS when new voicemail messages arrive.

Taking traditional voicemail a step further, UNICEED will allow you to take control of how and when you receive your messages. All messages are recorded with CD quality, so not only will you be able to clearly hear your message, you'll also find that lost messages through a full or broken answering machine are a thing of the past.

Collecting your voicemail over the phone is easier than ever. You can record your own personal greeting and save your messages for as long as you like. Simply dial your UNICEED number and the system will tell you how many voicemail messages are waiting for you, if you wish to hear them simply press "1". You have the option to repeat your message if you miss any of the details, delete it if you no longer need it or save it for future use. You can also find out the date and time the message was left.

You also have the option of being notified via email, text, or fax when you receive a message. That way you won't waste time checking to see if you have messages waiting for you.


 Someone making a call to a UNICEED number
 Notified of your message via either email, text or fax...
 Collect your message via phone, press* followed by security pin
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:: Voicemail to Web ::

You can collect your voicemail over any device with a web browser, such as a PC, TV, hotel device, airline seatback or kiosk.

Sometimes it is not convenient to have your computer with you to access your email or you may not be able to get to a phone to collect your voicemail. That's why we also give you the option to collect your voicemail through any web-enabled device. Our web inbox functions just like other web-based email systems, but you have the added benefit of receiving your voicemail messages in there too.

Simply go to your UNICEED web inbox and key in your username and password. If you have voicemail messages they will be easy to identify because a unique voicemail icon will be displayed next to the message and the subject heading will read "voicemail". Once you have listened to your message you can keep it in your inbox or move it to another folder that you have created, plus you also have the option of forwarding it to another email address.

Voicemail attachment
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:: IVR Auto Attendant ::

We can also offer an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides an outsourced phone system with recordings and prompts such as "press 1 for sales" etc.

Many organisations use multi-level greeting systems that allow the caller to press a key that will directly link them to the right person or part of the organisation. Implementing this system is usually costly and time consuming, however UNICEED can provide you with a high quality cost-effective IVR system, with minimal time and effort on your part.

You can have one level or a multitude of levels; it's up to you. Design your IVR Auto Attendant to suit your needs. For example, the first level might say:

"You have reached UNICEED. To contact sales press '1', to contact marketing press '2', for a list of our services press '3', to hear our opening hours press '4', or to receive an information pack press '5'

Your callers could then be taken to another message. For example if they pressed '5', the new message could then say:

"To receive an information pack please say your name and full postal address after the tone."

You can change your messages as often as you wish to meet your company's needs. You can use the IVR Auto Attendant to provide your callers with basic information, to connect them to someone on any phone line or you can set up your IVR so that your callers can leave you a message. We make it easy for your customers to communicate with you.

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