Now, you can bring your office everywhere you go! View, search for and respond to messages through a single web interface. Communicate your messages through voice, fax, email and SMS.

Personal / Business Number
Every user account comes with a dedicated DID number. You can use it as your hosted DID line, a redundant line or alternative phone line. Whether you currently own 2-3 analog lines, run a key phone system or even manage a large PBX system, you can transparently divert calls to UNICEED to leverage our unified communications features.

Fax Resource
You no longer need to own a fax machine to send and receive faxes. All faxes created on the web account are pooled together every 30 seconds before they are sent to the destination numbers. For your peace of mind, each fax in the pool would be given a unique date/time stamp along with user and recipient information.

When a call is made to a DID number, the auto-attendant is able to recognize the DID and greet the caller in your company’s name. Auto-attendant can route the caller to a live agent or an Interactive Response Menu.

Virtual PBX
Now you can operate a PBX without having to own one. You can have the usual extension routing via our PBX. When calls come in, our touch tone menu will prompt users to key in the extension number they wish to reach. Each valid extension is actually mapped to a line in your office or mobile phone. This way, we get to centralize all incoming calls via a single DID and route them through call forwarding to any number you wish.

Interactive Voice Response
The Interactive Voice Response system helps you present a self-service environment to your customers. Apart from creatng a auto-attendant and virtual PBX, it can enable fax-on-demand to reduce redundant communications tasks.

Wish you had a way to send quotations to potential and existing customers without disrupting your administration and sales staff? Wish you generate aging reports anytime you need them without asking your accountant? Wish to let your customers retrieve invoices easily and quickly? Wish to gain real-time access to your company's financial information when you only have a fax machine with you?

Have your voicemails automatically emailed to your preferred email client such Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Eudora Mail.

Have your faxes automatically emailed to your preferred email account.

Access your voicemail anytime, anywhere with your web-based unified messaging account.

Access your faxes anytime, anywhere with your web-based unified messaging account.

You are able to create faxes using an intuitive web-based interface.

Receive SMS messages from Uniceed's web-based email and other email clients.

Send SMS to mobile recipients from Uniceed's web-based interface. 30 SMS comes free with your UNICEED account. Additional credits can be purchased on a pre-paid basis.

Bulk SMS & SMS Notifications
Marketing Campaign
Message Reminders

Web Conferencing
Establish web conferencing with your sales people and talk to them using reliable VoIP service

VoIP Channel (Optional Value-added)
Our unified communications center is VoIP ready. If your business requires reliable, telco-grade VoIP solutions that come with all the cost savings in accessing your unified communications features, we can provide you a VoIP channel with minimal one-time investment for the cost of a VoIP switch and installation.