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FACT OF INTEREST: Fax-to-email is a feature of UNICEED.COM, Unified Communications Service that allows you to own a fax number and have incoming faxes captured in tiff format and sent to your email. Fax-to-email enables SOHOs, entrepreneurs, web hosters, mobile professionals and sales persons to have the mobility empowerment i.e. the ability to keep in touch with faxes wherever you can find an internet connection. Imagine yourself working at Starbucks, Coffee Bean or San Francisco without worrying about viewing faxes when someone decides to send you a fax. Avoid the hassle of looking for a fax machine to fax to someone who wants your quotation or invoice delivered to his fax machine. Leverage the power of fax-to-email and web-to-fax via UNICEED.COM.

This premier Unified Communications and Messaging Service is brought to you by SUPERCEED (M) SDN BHD, the best-in-class Unified Communications Provider. Unified Communications is best suited to your Virtual Office and Messaging needs. Experience the amazing capabilities of Unified Communications and Unified Messaging. Feel free to compare us to other Unifed Communications and Unified Messaging Providers.