1)How do I register with UNICEED.COM?

2)How do I pay UNICEED.COM?

3)What do you mean by monthly subscription fee?

4)What do you mean by Usage Credits?

5)How do I monitor my usage?

6)Do I get to choose my UNICEED number?

     You may sign up online at http://www.uniceed.com/sign_uniceed.htm.

     If you are a private limited entity, kindly fax us your Form 9. If you are a partnership or sole       proprietor, kindly fax us the relevant document to prove your registration. If you are       registering as an individual, kindly fax us your Identification Card. To protect yourself, you       may crossed your document with a statement “FOR UNICEED.COM REGISTRATION       ONLY”

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2) You can pay via Credit Card, Crossed Cheque, Bank Draft, Money Order or Direct Bank-in .      For payments via cheque, bank draft, money order or direct bank-in, please ensure you      write the invoice no generated upon online registration.

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3)  Our monthly subscription fee entitles you to a Business Number and Unified       Communications Services (refer http://www.uniceed.com/features_uniceed.htm). For       incoming messages, there is no charge for receiving voicemails, faxes, SMS or  emails. It       however does not cover outbound usage such as the cost of faxing out      via web-to-fax,       diverting calls under our find me, follow me”, outbound SMS and SMS Notifications (for       incoming voicemails and faxes).

     The good news is we provide outbound call forwarding and faxing at discounted call rates. In      addition, for every month of your subscription we provide 60 FREE SMS Credits for your       outbound web-to-SMS and SMS Notifications needs.

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4) Usage Credits mean you are able to prepay the usage amounts required for outbound       calls, faxes and SMSes. Every time, you make an outbound messaging, usage credits       would be deducted according to our prefixed rate.

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5) Inside your UNICEED.COM, we provide you with a real-time web-based account to track       your usage. You view current billing period and create billing reports based on the       messaging channels.

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6) Yes, you get to choose your UNICEED number as long as the number you want is       available within the range of numbers we have.

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