UNICEED Knowledge Base

UNICEED number
What would callers hear when they dial my UNICEED number?

Callers will hear:

a. Welcome greeting in your company name
b. Department, Operator and Send Fax Options

UNICEED Settings
What changes can I make to the UNICEED settings?

You can:
a. Change a Department Call Divert number
b. Change an Operator Call Divert number
c. Change Find Me number
d. Change Follow Me three priority numbers

Find me, follow me
What happens if I switched on follow me feature?

When a caller calls, UNICEED will call the first priority number you specified followed by the second and the third until the call is answered.

What happens if I switched on find me feature?

When a caller calls, UNICEED will divert the number to the specified number. When the call is picked up, UNICEED will announce the name of the caller and provide options to handle the call i.e. accept call, reject call or meeting in progress.

Fax Capabilities
How does a sender send a fax to my UNICEED number?

The sender needs to call your UNICEED number. After the greeting, option 4 (to send a fax) will be offered to the sender followed by a high pitch tone. The caller presses the start button on the fax machine and the fax is sent to your UNICEED account.

How do I access the fax sent to my UNICEED number?

Incoming faxes are captured as tiff attachments and sent to your UNICEED email address. You can log into your web-based UNICEED.COM account to view those emails with fax attachments. Fax-to-email attachments are sent by fax@uniceed.com.

Alternatively, you may forward stored faxes to your preferred fax destination number. Simply dial your UNICEED number and press . you will be prompted for the key pin. After entering the correct key pin, you will enter the user menu. Select “ “ to forward a fax.

How do I access my voicemails?

You may log into your UNICEED.COM account and look for email messages with the voice icon and sender’s address as voice@uniceed.com. Click on the message subject and retrieve the voice attachment.

Microsoft Outlook
How do I setup my Microsft Outlook to receive messages from my UNICEED.COM account?

To access your UNICEED.COM messages from MS Outlook, go to Tool > Email Accounts.. Select the “Add a new e-mail account” option.

For Server Type, you will need to select IMAP.

Fill the details as required. The incoming mail server (IMAP) should be “mail.uniceed.com” and the outgoing mail server (SMTP) should also be “mail.uniceed.com”.